Free The Tone Overdriveland Custom ODL-1-CS


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OVERDRIVELAND was born to be as lustrous and distinctive as the elusive DUMBLE amps that are now hard to come by, allowing players to express their unique playing styles.

DUMBLE amplifiers are known for their distinctive harmonics, which can make even clean sounds seem slightly distorted. Furthermore, the drive sound of a DUMBLE amp responds to a guitarist’s playing as if the amplifier itself possesses intention. The development of the pedal started from the idea of capturing this unique feel of Dumble amps and translating it into a pedal-sized overdrive pedal.

By adjusting the overtones of the input guitar signal, OVERDRIVELAND offers a unique sound that balances well across all strings, from the 1st to the 6th (or 7th) string. It becomes an instrument that can expand the possibilities of expression.

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Free the tone

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