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After the dazzling success of Diablo, the rising popularity of Gregor Hilden and the excellent Coca and Cocaine, the German brand had to offer the perfect “companion” essential to fans of the brand. OKKO is therefore back with the King Krush, from the new Black Box Series range. The King Krush is a versatile overdrive-distortion, based on an old school Plexi base with the objective of a typical “amp-like” drive, as always with the German brand. Aesthetically, the pedal adopts a new, more compact, very light box. It benefits from the usual Level, Drive and a 2-band equalization.

With the OKKO King Krunch you have access to the best sounds of the iconic Marshall Plexi with a Vintage drive, benefiting from a very wide range of use to cover all your needs, from a very light overdrive, twisting when you attack a little loud, right up to the “full blast” Plexi, delivering a thick and rich distortion, typically late 70’s / early 80’s.
Stratocaster and Les Paul in hand, we start with a low gain setting. Here, we fully retain the dynamics and responsiveness of the clean channel on which we base ourselves. The King Krunch gives a little more roundness, mids and a slight drive that twists in a very natural way. It’s thick, with sustain, blues-men will love it. By pushing the gain a little, we arrive in very rock territory. With a very nice articulation and a very musical natural compression which brings binder and a crunch with a solid low medium, dense and complex, which brings thickness and quite massive side. The mids are forward and the highs distinct without being aggressive.
With the gain in its last entrenchments, we move on to a much more muscular register. In the vein of AC/DC, Appetite and other historic sounds from the best Plexi Vintage pushed to the limit. Once again we have the right to perfectly readable, detached chords and notes, with reinforced compression and harmonics that fuse in all directions, without “chiselled” this superb drive, which once again asserts itself with a very rich low medium and great fluidity between each note.
Whatever the amount of gain, the EQ allows great versatility. Here, it is not a question of drastic corrections, but of providing very musical settings, which we will adapt according to what we are looking for. Note, these two passive frequency controls really allow you to boost the range of sounds available within the King Krunch, as they are effective.

As always, the brand has taken its time to develop a real musical “tool”, as the OKKO King Krunch is a model of its kind. Very quiet, responsive, flexible and really fun to play, it automatically stands out as one of our favorites of its kind. Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, you will be conquered by its sound signature which perfectly mimics these mythical amps, within a small box at a very attractive price, for top of the range benefiting from deutsche qualität!

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Pedal technical sheet

Knobs4 Knobs
Power SupplyNot included
Width6,0 cm
Lenght11,0 cm
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