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Don’t call us a shop, we are more of an “atelier” where we collect special objects and choose them following our taste and passion. At Guitar Sauce you won’t find the classic shop that offers a bit of attention from the clerk on duty; here in our boutique you will find qualified people at your complete disposal to offer you a personalized experience. We receive strictly by appointment, so that we are always ready to satisfy your needs and provide the best existing equipment. You choose the day and time, we will take care of the rest.

Guitar Sauce was born from Claudio Mauri’s idea linked to the search for the best existing instrumentation and the desire to discover and compare rare and precious objects, be they a guitar, an amplifier, a pedal, a pick-up, a cable or a strap.

Beyond music and objects, Guitar Sauce has the ambition to amaze you and make you fall in love, which is why you will find an environment where you can breathe the same passion we share for beauty and exclusivity, not only through selected guitars but also combinations of works of art and exclusive pieces, merchandise, outfits and accessories.

Guitar Sauce represents the recipe for your ideal sound, made of interdependent elements selected in a balanced way: we treat every element and component of your setup with love, because we are attentive to your needs as if they were our own.

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